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Yamarine Outboard Reed Valve 688-13610-00, 692-13610-00 Fit for YAMAHA 75/85HP Outboard Engine

  • 688-13610-00, 692-13610-00

  • Aluminum

  • Reed Valve

  • Stock

  • Single Box

  • CE, RoHS, SGS, GMP


  • China, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Europe

  • 8409919990

  • 10000000000000000000000PCS/Year

  • US$ 8/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Yamarine Outboard Reed Valve 688-13610-00, 692-13610-00 Fit for YAMAHA 75/85HP Outboard Engine
50HP 75HP 85HP 2/4T

contains crankshaft, crank pin, cylinder liner, diaphragm, fuel filter, mount damper, shaft, spacer, spark
plugs, starter, gear, gasket, gasket kit, impeller, key woodruff, propeller, Piston , primary pump, clutch
dog ,carburetor, bracket, upper casing, lower casing, repair kit, washer ,bolt ,pin ,spring pin, pin float,
tube, pipe, clamp, flywheel puller assy., fly puller plate, fly wheel plate, crankshaft holder, bevel gear
nut socket, bevel gear nut wrench, needle bearing puller stopper, needle bearing puller shaft, needle
bearing puller shaft guide, seal, o ring, ball, band, cartridge, tab trim, connector, water pump, collar,
fear, condenser, etc. OEM orders are also welcomed.
If you have any question and requirement, welcome to contact with us.

/yamaha outboard spare parts lists

Part No Engine model
93304-205U0 57x25x18 9.9/15HP
93305-30601 83B207 XL700
93306-001U1 KOYO 6007 C4 25-60HP
93306-00501 KOYO 6005 9.9/15HP
93306-00519 KOYO 6005 9.9/15HP
93306-00606 KOYO 6006 20/25/30HP
93306-00612 KOYO 6006 20/25/30HP
93306-00702 KOYO 6007 C3 40/48HP
93306-20401 KOYO 6204 C3 3-8HP
93306-20411 KOYO 6204 C3 3-8HP
93306-204U0 KOYO 6204 C3 3-8HP
93306-20514 57×25×15 15HP
93306-20541 6205 C3 15HP
93306-205U2 57×25×15 15HP
93306-205U7 52×25×15 9.9/15HP
93306-206U1 66×32×16 75/85HP
93306-206U5 66×32×16 75/85HP
93306-207U0 72×35×17 KOYO 6207 C3 60/75HP
93306-207U2 72×35×17 KOYO 6207 C3 60/75HP
93306-208U0 80×40×18 KOYO 6208 C3 115-200HP
93306-209U0 KOYO 6209 C3 150/175/200HP
93306-304U0 57×20×15 9.9/15HP
93306-30510 6305 C3 25/30HP
93306-305U3 6305 C3 25/30HP
93306-305U8 6305DG 40/50HP
93306-306U2 30×72×19 60/70HP
93306-306V1 30×72×19 60/70HP
93306-306V2 83A825 S/V 60HP
93306-306V5 30×72×19 60/70HP
93306-306V6 KOYO 6306 40HP
93306-307U0 KOYO 6307NY C3 40HP
93306-307U3 6307 C3 XL700
93310-112V0 KT 12×15×16.5 4HP
93310-21606 KT 16×20×17 15HP
93310-21889 KT 18×22×22 25HP
93310-320U2 KVE 20×25×24 XL700
93310-32337 KV23x28x21.68 115-225HP
93310-323V6 KV23x28x21.68 115-225HP
93310-326V4 KVE 26X31X26.5 200-250HP
Part No Engine model
93310-41809 KT 18x24x12 AH 5/8HP
93310-418K5 KT 18x24x14 AH 8HP
93310-418U0 KT 18x24x12 AH 5-8HP
93310-418U1 KT 18x24x14 AH 8HP
93310-418V1 KT 18x24x14 AH 4HP
93310-522A4 KT 22x29x18 AH 25HP
93310-522W0 KT 22x29x18 AH 25HP
93310-522WC KT 22x29x18 AH 25HP
93310-525U3 KTE 25×32×20 XL700
93310-527W1 KT 27×36×18 AH 60HP
93310-62059 KT 20x28x14 AH 8HP
93310-62083 KT 20x28x16 AH 15HP
93310-620U2 KT 20x28x16 AH 15HP
93310-620V5 KT 20x28x14 AH 9.9/15HP
93310-624U5 KT 24x32x20 AH 30HP
93310-636U4 36NQ5238UW11 75/85HP
93310-727U0 KT 27X36X21 AH 40HP
93310-727V7 KT 27X36X21 AH 40HP
93310-730A2 KT 30×39×21 AH 40HP
93310-730V6 KT 30×39×21 AH 40HP
93310-730V8 KT 30×39×21 AH 40HP
93310-835U8 CMB09052-06 75-90HP
93310-836U0 KTG 36X46X21 75-115HP
93310-836V2 KTG 36X46X21 75-200HP
93310-836V6 KTG 36X46X21 75-200HP
93310-840V8 KUZG 40.476X50X24 AHR 225/250HP
93310-954U1 KOYO RNSFU547626W11 115-200HP
93310-954V3 KOYO RNSFU547626W11 115-220HP
93311-63223 32NQ4739BUW11 40/48/55HP
93311-632U1 32NQ4739BUW11 40/48/55HP
93311-632U7 28NQ14832AUW11 25/30HP
93311-632V4 NQ324832UW11-1 30HP
93311-636U6 36NQ5238UNRW11 60/70HP
93311-83219 CMG93111-832U4 45/55HP
93311-83280 4 AG503202DA 225-300HP
93311-832U4 CMG93111-832U4 45/55HP
93311-832V2 4 AG503202DA 225-300HP
93311-928U5 AG502801 150-225HP
93311-928U5-NSK NSK AG502801 150-225HP
Part No Engine model
93311-940U3 40NWQ6038A 115C/140B/150/175/200A
93315-017U4 F-1720 25/30HP
93315-217U0 F-1720 25/30HP
93315-22004 NTN HK 2016 25/30HP
93315-220V7 NSK F-2020 25/30HP
93315-314V8 F-1420 9.9/15HP
93315-317U2 KOYO 17BM2312 9.9/15HP
93315-32224 NSK B-1416 40-50HP
93315-324U1 NSK B-1516 40G40X48
93315-325V1 NSK BH-1620 50-90HP
93315-425U7 32.1×25×26 KOYO 115/130
93315-425V3 KOYO BM-2516 150-225
93315-43061 37×30×26 115/200
93315-43064 4F-3026 250/300
93315-430U8 37×30×26 115/200
93315-430V5 37×30×20 KOYO 115-250
93315-628U9 NSK BH-1820 115/140
93317-22204 28×20×22 HK 2220 40H/40J/40X
93317-322V0 HMK 2225 50-100
93317-325U0 HK2526 60/75
93317-330U2 37×30×20 KOYO 115-200HP
93318-32204 22×18×19 25HP
93332-00001 52×25×16.5 KOYO 40G/40X/48
93332-00003 65×32×22.5 40G/40X/48
93332-00005 47×25×15 KOYO 9.9/15/25/30HP
93332-00023 52×25×16.5 KOYO 40G/40X/48
93332-00048 KOYO32011 200
93332-000U0 NTN 4T 320/32 40G
93332-000U3 HI-CAPL 44649/10 60/75
93332-000U5 79.4×41.3×24 60F/70B/80A/90A
93332-000U7 HI-CAP 25580/20 115/140B/115C/130B
93332-000UE 72×30×20 40G/40X/60
93332-000V2 72×30×20 40G/40X/60
93332-000V3 KOYO 205149 150/175/200HP"02
93332-000W5 KOYO 32004 JR 25/30HP
93332-000W7 79.4×41.3×24 75/85HP
93341-214U1 28.9X15.28X2.76 / 28.82X14.18X1.2 9.9/15HP
93341-22008 BEARING 25HP
93341-34019 BEARING 250HP
Part No Engine model
93341-41414 BEARING 9.9/15HP
93341-414V1 BEARING 9.9/15HP
93341-930U0 BEARING 115-225
93341-930U9 BEARING 225-250HP
93341-930V2 BEARING 115-225
93342-624U0 NTB 24×44×04.6SL 40HP
93390-00029 BEARING 9.9/15HP
93390-000U0 49×19.97 40G
93390-000U0-NSK NSK AG503001 40G
93390-000U2 KOYO 205149 JM/205110-N 200HP
93399-99951 NQ365232UYW11 25/30
93606-12019 SUJ2-6X12 1200
93315-14104 KV 14×18×16.5 8/9.9/15D
93317-14104 KV 14×18×16.5 8/9.9/15D
93602-14014 NR 2×13.8 15HP
93602-14104 KV 14×18×16.5 8/9.9/15D
93602-14118 BEARING 9.9-200
93602-20M02 NR 2×19.8 30HP
93603-18M09 NR 2.5X17.8 50HP
93603-21111 NR 2.5X20.8 40/48/55/75/85HP







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